TG Pro 2.81

TG Pro is your go-to solution for comprehensive temperature monitoring and fan control on your Mac. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, this software empowers you to keep your Mac’s temperature in check, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

TG Pro Overview

TG Pro stands as an indispensable tool for Mac users concerned about the temperature and performance of their machines. This software offers a robust suite of features designed to monitor and control the internal temperature of your Mac, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency while safeguarding against potential overheating issues.

One of the standout features of TG Pro is its comprehensive temperature monitoring capabilities. It provides real-time data on key temperature sensors within your Mac, offering insights into the CPU, GPU, battery, and other critical components. This transparency allows users to stay informed about their Mac’s thermal state.

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What truly sets TG Pro apart is its fan control functionality. The software empowers users to take control of their Mac’s cooling system, adjusting fan speeds as needed. This level of customization ensures that your Mac remains cool under pressure, enhancing both performance and longevity.

TG Pro caters to users of all technical backgrounds with its user-friendly interface. Novice users can opt for automatic fan control, allowing the software to manage fan speeds based on temperature thresholds. Meanwhile, advanced users can fine-tune fan profiles to meet specific performance or cooling requirements.

Furthermore, TG Pro offers notifications to keep users informed about temperature spikes or fan speed changes. These notifications provide peace of mind, ensuring that you can address any temperature-related issues promptly.

The software is compatible with a wide range of Mac models, making it accessible to a broad user base. Whether you have a MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro, TG Pro is tailored to your machine’s thermal needs.

While TG Pro excels in temperature monitoring and fan control, it’s worth noting that its advanced features may not be necessary for casual users. The software is most valuable to those who engage in resource-intensive tasks such as gaming, video editing, or 3D rendering, where precise temperature control is critical.

In conclusion, TG Pro is an invaluable tool for Mac users who prioritize temperature monitoring and fan control. Its comprehensive temperature monitoring, user-friendly interface, and customizable fan control features make it an indispensable asset for those seeking to optimize their Mac’s performance and longevity. By keeping your Mac’s temperature in check, TG Pro ensures that your machine runs at its best, regardless of the tasks at hand.


  • Temperature Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of critical temperature sensors within your Mac.
  • Fan Control: Customize and adjust fan speeds for optimal cooling and performance.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive and accessible interface suitable for users of all levels.
  • Automatic Fan Control: Allow the software to manage fan speeds based on temperature thresholds.
  • Advanced Fan Profiles: Fine-tune fan profiles for specific performance or cooling needs.
  • Notifications: Receive alerts and notifications about temperature spikes or fan speed changes.
  • Multiple Sensor Readings: Access temperature data for CPU, GPU, battery, and more.
  • Compatibility: Supports a wide range of Mac models, including MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Mini.
  • Fan RPM Display: View real-time fan RPM (revolutions per minute) for each fan.
  • Fan Speed Log: Keep a historical log of fan speeds and temperature changes.
  • Custom Fan Curve: Create and customize fan speed curves to match your preferences.
  • Temperature Graphs: Visualize temperature trends over time with detailed graphs.
  • Battery Health: Monitor your Mac’s battery health and temperature.
  • Fan Overrides: Override default fan settings for manual control.
  • App Profiles: Configure fan and temperature settings for specific applications.
  • Safari Integration: Monitor temperature and fan speeds directly in Safari.
  • Full Screen Mode: Utilize TG Pro in full-screen mode for an immersive experience.
  • System Tray Icon: Access key temperature and fan information from the system tray.
  • External Sensors: Connect and monitor external temperature sensors for enhanced control.

Technical Details

  • Software Full Name: TG-Pro-2.81.
  • Version: 2.81
  • Setup App File Name: TG-Pro-2.81.dmg
  • File Extension: DMG
  • Full Application Size: 12 MB
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup DMG Package
  • Compatibility Architecture: Apple-Intel Architecture
  • Latest Version Release Added On: 8 September 2023
  • License Type: Full Premium Pro Version
  • Developers Homepage: Tuna Belly Software

System Requirements

  • Operating System: macOS 10.10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 or better, Apple M1
  • RAM: 1 GB or more
  • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB of available disk space

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